Treatment Services

Relaxation Massage

Encourages immune system optimization and increases circulation while decreasing muscle tension and overall feelings of stress.

Heat and aromatherapy can be included in this type of therapy.





Therapeutic Massage

This type of therapy is specific to a functional or sensory goal.

It can aid to reduce scar tissue, recover from strains or sprains, manage chronic and acute pain or injuries, arthritis, headaches, and increase circulation or mobility.

Heat and cold can be incorporated as well as deep tissue to engage tendons, ligaments, and deep musculature.





Pregnancy Massage

Being pregnant, albeit a wonderful time in one’s life, can also be an exhausting and achy time too.

Pregnancy massage helps to decrease body aches, pains, cramps, improves sleep and can make the pregnancy journey a more beautiful process.





Cupping Therapy

Instead of compressing tissue, cupping uses suction to lift connective tissue, loosen fascial adhesions and release rigid tissue.

Stagnant tissue waste and blood are brought to the surface of the skin allowing your lymphatic and circulatory system to flush it out.

A deep relaxation throughout the entire body can be felt due to the effects on the nervous system.





Thai Massage

Thai massage is performed on a mat, on the floor. This treatment is best suited to active individuals who do not have injuries. It involves compression, traction and dynamic stretches to decrease muscle tension and improve flexibility. No lotion is used and you remain fully clothed. We ask you please wear comfortable, stretchy clothing. The therapist will be incorporating both their hands and feet.





Indie Head Massage

Indie Head massage promotes deep relaxation and is performed on your back on the table. It focuses on the neck, shoulders, head and face. This treatment is suitable for everyone but most especially individuals who clench or grind their teeth, experience headaches, anxiety, or depression, have thinning hair or dandruff or even for harsh chemical hair treatments. Warm oil is massaged into the hair so you will leave with oily hair.