About The Connection

our ambition is to propel your well-being

Our desire is to become part of your health team

By offering you a unique space, where you feel safe and cared for by friendly, approachable professionals, We tailor every treatment plan for specific injurie(s), disorder(s), and existing condition(s). We also provide you with homecare to ensure your success and allow you to continue your progress at home.

We enjoy working with all ages and genders to provide sport, pregnancy, cupping, therapeutic, and relaxation massages. Our clinic space is wheelchair friendly.

Online booking and direct billing to most insurance companies ensure your visit is seamless.


  We will always continue to embrace our learning in order to improve our practice for you, our client.

The Vagus Team

Jane Moore

Registered Massage Therapist



At Our Core





Our Mission

We are committed to providing a judgment-free zone and a safe environment for all who want to maintain and or improve their physical and or mental health.